Ek Patthar Ki Bawadi - Jain Caves, Gwalior

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prakash manjrekar

Ek Pathar ki Bawadi, popularly known as Gopachal Parwat which houses several holy Jain statues carved into the fort walls and various other huge Jain statues. World famous sculpture of the Lord Parshvanath seated on a Lotus is the largest single stone carved statue in the world. It is 47 feet high and 30 feet wide. No where in the world, can one find bigger sculptor of Lord Parshvanath in a sitting posture.There are twenty six statues of Jain Tirthankars in various upright and seated positions. There is a mention of the monuments being built around 1424 a.d. under the reign of Tomar King Dungar Singh in an inscription in one of the caves. Built between 1398-1536 by kings of Tomar dynasty, these Jain Tirthankar statues are one of a kind in architecture and a treasure trove of old Indian heritage and culture. Gopachal Parvat is located approximately 2 km from the railway station and bus stand. Ek Patthar ki baori is in the first cave, a water reservoir carved out of a single stone.