Gangotri Yatra 1/4

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Before leaving India I decided to get away from Delhi for a quick trip to Gangotri and Gomukh, the source of the Ganga. The first part of the trip was uneventful: train to Dehradun, Share Taxi (these are jeeps) to Rishikesh, then two more to an overnight just past Tehri lake, and then a bus to Uttar Kashi where I finally got a good seat in a share taxi - jeep to Gangotri itself. This first video shows some clips from that trip from Uttar Kashi to Gomukh. The next will show some scenes from in and around Gangotri. The third shows most of the ride (on a small horse or mule!) to Bhojbasa, the overnight camp just below Gomukh, while the last one, #4, will show Bhojbasa itself and then the trip up to the Gomukh Glacier. These were all shot with a 2mp Nokia 6233 cell phone camera.