Gangotri Yatra 3/4

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This is the 3rd of the 4 videos in this series.
This segment shows the mule ride from Gangotri almost to Bhojbasa, the camp area just below the Gomukh Glacier. (I will post these on Youtube also, so I have a 10 minute limit on each installment...) The locals call these little animals "horses", though they look and sound like miniature mules. They are definitely small. Most people walk. The saddles are VERY uncomfortable.

Leaving Gangotri we enter Gangotri National Park, home to the Gomukh Glacier, the source of the Ganga River. Entry is by permit only. Only 150 visitors allowed in at any one time. Very clean and well-maintained. Very impressive.

Video #4 of 4 will show Bhojbasa itself and the Gomukh Glacier.

As in all these videos, I am using a Nokia 6233 cell phone camera. PLEASE NOTE: This means I can easily hold the little thing out over the drop-offs while staying safely away from the edge myself. I am not walking along any of these cliffs here!