Govardhan Darshan: Ratna vedi, Syam Kuti to Narada Kund

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After Gwala Pokhara (previous episode) our parikrama party proceeded to Ratna Vedi and Syam Kuti which are quite nearby. Here Giriraj Govardhan provides jewelled throne (ratna singhasan) for Sri Radha and Krsna and in Syam kuti is the kunja where Krsna disguised Himself as Syam Sakhi. Also here you can take darshan of Charan-china, a stone that has melted and preserved an imprint of Krsna's footprint and eating bowl. From here, we proceeded to Narada Kund where Sri Narad Muni performed bhajan and austerities for many yugas to become a gopi servant of Sri Radhika.