Hare Krishna - Hyderabad - celebration

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Karthika Damodara Vanabhojanam Yatra an annual Spiritual Outing conducted by Hare Krishna Movement,Hyderabad (on Dec 01,2013 Sunday) in Kartjka Masam witnessed large numbers of devotees participating actively, beginning with a grand Darshan of Sri Krishna Balarama, Medchal, later all the devotees joined for a Spiritual Retreat at Ashram Charitable Trust, Kompally and there were lot of fun filled events like the thought provoking Skits performed by FOLK, the popular "Tug of War" that brought smiles to lot of devotees along with practical spiritual guidance given by Senior Prabhus.The highlight of the Yatra was the most traditional "Vanabhojanam" cooked by the devotees was offered to the most merciful Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga who presided over the Vanabhojanam and blessed one and all.