Harikesha Swami - Leadership Management Seminar Mayapura 1998 (Part 1/1)

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Henrik Van Der Kwast

Why would this seminar interest you? It is just for managers. But that includes you! Everyone manages. We manage ourselves out of bed every morning and manage our way through each day. This seminar is for everyone, regardless of your level of experience or competence. Drawing on his vast experience of managing ISKCON, His Holiness Harikeśa Swami systematically illucidates the finer points of management an leadership, focussing on issues related to devotee relationships. As expected, it is full of humor, anecdotes, Prabhupāda-kathā and deeep Kṛṣṇa conscious realizations. The practical advice contained in these two tapes will help you realize your leadership potential.

TAPE ONE: Organizing Yourself Accomplishing Things General Dealings With Others Risk Management