Ice Skating on Govindam Adi Purusam hymns

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Grebenkina/Azrojan performed an unusual routine named "Worshipping
Govinda", reminiscent of a temple dance. The couple showed well
synchronized twizzles, intricate footwork and interesting lifts
including a rotational-curve lift with changes of positions and a
straight line lift with him travelling backwards in a shoot-the-duck
position. The Armenians were awarded 83.90 points (47.30/36.60),
setting a new personal best for themselves, and collected a total
score of 162.64 points. "We are for the first time in Japan, and it's
our first medal in the Grand Prix and actually the first Grand Prix
medal for Armenia. So we're really happy, and we're also happy with
our skating", Azrojan said. "When we heard this music we thought it's
something unusual, and our coach and choreographer liked it as well.
The idea is that frescos of Indian gods descent to earth and start to
dance. I think it's an interesting theme, we have unusual costumes,
and it turns out to be an exotic dance", Grebenkina explained their
choice of music.