Indian Street Food - Naan Bread

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Enjoy the sites and sounds of Indian Street Food in Old Delhi - shot around Chandni Chowk. The naan in Tandoor oven shot is my favorite. Most of what you see are the "fast food" breads that fuel the working class of the area. But in this case its the ORIGINAL fast food.

I noticed in "audience retention" that my original Indian Street Food video was dropping most viewers before they got to the Naan bread oven shot. 7 minutes in retrospect is a little long for a food video. So here's the same content edited & compressed to less than 3 minutes.

This was all shot in a single morning in Old Delhi, near Chandni Chowk, Dec 2010. If you are planning an India trip - this is the area you really MUST see. With the Red Fort, Lahore Gate and Jama Masjid all within walking distance - you can't go wrong. Enjoy