Introduction to Vaastu - The Ancient Vedic Science of Creation

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Vaastu is the magic of inner creation at it's best. It is the ancient and highly evolved spiritual science of architecture, art, sculpture, music, dance, poetry, and empowered language. Through this magic we are able to reach the inner depths and heights of our own creativity.

Practiced worldwide prior to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, Vaastu teaches us how to bring healing and transformative effects into our art, architecture, poetry, music, dance, and, indeed, into all of our creations, through the musical science of mathematics and geometry.

Through these highly evolved principles, we can create symphonies, both visual and aural, designed to heal, instruct, and enlighten. All the experiences we desire, both materially and spiritually, may manifest through these principles.

The basics of Vaastu are simple -- Anyone, even a child, can learn to practice these basic, yet powerful techniques. Vaastu is neither cultural nor religious, but a profound universal, timeless, and fully evolved spiritual science. Vaastu is the ultimate science of Consciousness, and through it's principles, it is said that we become cosmic creators in harmony with the One Creator.