Islamic invaders Genocidal war on Vijyanagar

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Islamic invaders Genocidal war on Vijyanagar, India-1565

The last great Indian kingdom before India slipped into Islamic slavery, and it was the site of a catastrophe. Four hundred years ago the Muslim invaders ganged up on it and destroyed it.They leveled the capital city. Muslim troops entered the city. There was no one to stop them. They looted, plundered and destroyed the city. Men, women and children were killed without any mercy. Shops, temples and houses were burnt and temples were destroyed. This destructive episode continued for six months relentlessly. The havoc was complete. The scenes showed the magnitude of hatred Muslims had for Hindus and every other Kafirs.

Its capital was a rich and famous city,one of the greatest cities in history. They killed the priests, the philosophers, the artisans, the architects, the scholars, in short all the gathering of best minds in every field in Indian sun-continent was wiped out in a single blow...Fall of India had began.

For five months the Mohammeddans with fire and sword, with crowbars and axes carried on day after day their work of destruction. Never perhaps in the history of the world has such havoc been wrought so suddenly, and reduced to ruins amid scenes of savage massacre and horrors beggaring description.

The only people they left behind were the farmers & poorer ones in the villages, and they were later enslaved or taxed to total destitution by Muslims. This military defeat was terrible. You cannot understand the degree to which the victors won and the losers lost. Hitler would have called it a war of annihilation, a war without limits and restraints, and this one succeeded to a remarkable degree."