Kalaiyar Kovil Temple, Tamil Nadu

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prakash manjrekar

Kalaiyar Kovil temple is in Sivaganga District, 16 km east of Sivaganga, 35 km west of Devakottai and 66 km south-east of Madurai. Kalaiyar Kovil is owned by the family of the Rajah of Sivaganga. Today Devakottai Zamindars continue to be the temple trustees and carry on the family tradition started by their forefathers by conducting the daily temple rituals & pujas. Kalaiyar Kovil derived its name from the Kaleeswarar temple of the place. Saint Sundara moorthy nayanar described the presiding deity in his devotional songs as Kaalai Since then the temple came to be known as Kalaiyar Kovil.