Landing safely on the moon is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE

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nyone who still wants to desperately cling to the romantic and pathetic notion that man actually landed on the moon, with all the wealth of information and facts and points disputing and refuting or at the very least casting doubt on that notion, needs some therapy at this point...for relentless cognitive dissonance and stupid stubbornness. It's physically and scientifically impossible (not just improbable, but IMPOSSIBLE) for man (especially in the late 1960's and early 70's) to ever even get near the moon safely, let alone land on it, walk around on it, BS on it, ride around on it, and then leave it, to safely, with no real problem or harm, land back on the earth.

With the moon being about 240,000 miles away from the earth. And where man never goes beyond about 300 miles. Or if he's extra adventurous, maybe about 400 miles above the earth...well below the high radiation levels. The Van Allen Radiation belts start at about 1000 miles. And then an additional 25,000 miles above the earth. No spacecraft today (or in the past decades now) goes up to 1000 miles. Why is that? Indications that man never went to the moon in the first place.