Leh and Ladakh - India Travel Guide

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Take a tour of Landscape of Leh and Ladakh in India -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

Not many people have heard of the Indian region of Leh and Ladakh, to their loss.

It's an astoundingly beautiful part of the world with a very diverse landscape.

There are high, snowy mountains, rocky hills, scenic waterways, and historic towns.

Some of the towns in this remote part of India are hundreds of years old.

Another important part of Leh and Ladakh are the Buddhist monasteries that are located here.

Many of these monasteries have existed for hundreds of years and have intricate and colorful Buddhist architecture.

The imagery and iconography of many of these temples draw deeply on Indian and Buddhist mythology.

There are also many stupas to visit for those willing to make the hike up the hills.