Matangeshwar, Lakshmi & Varaha Temples...Khajuraho

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prakash manjrekar

Matangeshwar temple is located in the western group of temples. Matangeshwar temple is a ninth century temple built by Chandra dev of the Chandela dynasty.This temple is also known as Mrityunjaya Mahadev temple. It is also one of the oldest & holiest temples of Madhya Pradesh. It has one of the largest lingams (2.5m high) in North India, made in highly polished yellow sandstone. The exterior and interior of the temple, as well as the pillars are without carvings. Lakshmi temple is located close to the Varaha temple in the Western Group of Temple Complex, Khajuraho. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu. She is also the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The temple is built on a high platform and the side and the back walls of the temple are plain without any carvings on them. Simple carvings of two guards on the supporting pillar of the temple add to the overall appeal of the shrine. Varaha Temple is located in the Western Group of Temple Complex, Khajuraho. The Varaha image dates to about AD 950. Varaha (वराह) is the third Avatar of the Lord Vishnu, in the form of a Varaha (Boar). Varaha Temple is located next (South) to Lakshmi Temple and opposite to Lakshman Temple.The statue of Varaha is 2.6 m long and 1.7m high and carved all over with multiple figures of deities including Lord Ganesha, the seven Mothers, the seven sages, the eight Guardians of Space, the nine planetary divinities, the river goddesses, the seas, the Rudras, and the different forms of Vishnu. The