Mathura Darshan: Dwarkadish to Adi and Sweta Varaha

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1 October 2009. The parikrama party today went first to Dwarkadish Temple. With the sankirtan party led by Rasananda Prabhu, the devotees were loudly chanting "Radhe! Radhe!" as a way of telling the Lord of Dwarka, "Hey where's your peacock feather and your flute? Why you left Vrndavan? Are you really happy away from our Swamini? Radhe! Radhe!"
Among the new temples of Mathurä, the Dwarkadish Temple is prominent. It was established about 150 years ago by a devotee in the line of Sri Vallabacharya. This temple is situated close to Vishram ghat.
Then the parikrama party proceeded to the temples of Adi Varaha or Krishna Varaha (black Varaha Deity) and Sweta Varäha (white Varaha Deity) whiich are just nearby. Below is an excerpt about the Deity of Varahadev from Sri Vraja Mandal Parikrama book by Sri Srimad Bhakttivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja:

"At the beginning of Satya-yuga, there was a brahmin rishi named Kapila. He was a worshipper of Bhagaväan Adi Varaha. Indra, the king of the demigods was pleased with that brahmin and brought that deity of Varaha to Svarga (heaven), where he installed Him for worship. Having defeated Indra, the mighty Ravana seized that Varaha deity from Svarga and established Him in Lanka. After killing the nirvisheshavadi Ravana, Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra brought that same deity to Ayodhya and installed Him in His palace. While leaving Ayodhya to kill Lavanasura, Maharaja Shatrughna asked his elder brother Sri Ramachandraji for this Varaha deity. Maharaja Shatrughna carried the deity with him and, after killing Lavanasura, established Him in the city of Mathura, where one can take darshana of Him today."