Offering Lamps At Krishna Balaram Mandir

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Haridas Thakur Das

During the month of Damodara the devotees offer ghee lamps every evening to Krishna. At the same time the pastime song called Damodarastakam sings out in the temple. In Vrindavan so many devotees throng the temple that the temple authorities have utilised another big hall (Balaram Hall) to offer ghee lamps and this is mainly used by temple devotees. It is a wonderful festival atmosphere and if you have the time and inclination it is advisable to read up on this pastime of baby Krishna being tied up by mother Yashoda. Of course no one can tie up the Lord of all creation but out of love for His devotees Krishna appears just as an ordinary child. God is an amazing person who is most certainly not an old bearded man sitting on some distant throne issuing orders.
Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!