Ramtek Temple & Fort, Nagpur

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prakash manjrekar

Ramtek is a small town, situated at a distance of approximately 42 km to the northeast of the Nagpur city of Maharashtra. There is hill situated near Ramtek, known as the Ramgiri Hill. The hill houses a historical temple of Lord Rama & Lakshmana , which is said to be more than 600 years old. The legend also goes that Lord Rama stopped at Ramtek, along with His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, while on his exile. The 'padukas' of Lord Ram are believed to have been worshipped here for centuries. Great poet Kalidasa has written his excellent poem, Meghdoot in the hills of Ramtek only. Infact, it is often said that it was the beauty of Ramtek Hills that inspired him to write the poem. The town serves as the venue of the Kalidasa Festival, held every year in the month of November. A fortnight-long festival, it boasts of performances by virtuosos in the field of music, dance and drama. The present temple is believed to have been built by the King of Nagpur Raghuji Bhonsale,after his victory over fort of Deogarh in Chindwara.