Sankari Kor-is the spot where Krishna would stop the gopis to steal yogurt.

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Scepko Miroslav

Sankari Khor is the spot where Krishna would stop the gopis to steal their yogurt. This path divides Vilas Garh Hill from the main hill. Krishna would stand in the middle of the ravine and would demand a tax from the gopis to get by. Krishna would sometimes break Radharani milk pots when she would not pay the tax. Indented in the stones here, you can see the marks of those broken pots. Dan Garh is the place where the taxes were assessed.
This pastime is known as dan-lila or matuki-lila. These pastimes are re-enacted each year during the burhi-lila festival. In this pastime a boy playing Krishna stops another boy dressed as Radharani, who tries to walk by carrying a pot.
Sankari means "narrow". This narrow passageway is between the village of Chiksoli (Citra) and the town of Varsana. The path becomes very narrow at this place, with the rock coming down sharply making a V. You have to be careful that you don't fall walking through here.