Shyama Kund

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It was in 1988 that Radha Kund and Syama Kund appeared like this last time. Approximately once in 20 years these glorious holy places undergo this kind of spring-cleaning. The kundas are cleaned one by one after draining the water.

At this moment they are cleaning Syama Kund; in about a month Radha Kund is going to be cleaned in the same way.
One can see the passage between Radha Kund and Syama Kund, which is normally hidden under water.
The water of Syama Kund is pumped over to Lalita Kund. Inside Syama Kund one can see Vajranatha Kund (normally it is under water), which was constructed by Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Krishna.
On the bottom of Syama Kund one can see Govardhana-silas and many springs that feed the kund.
This clip is a part of the new video project of BB Govinda Swami dedicated to the holy places of Vrindavana.