South India - Tamilnadu: Temples

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Deva Deep

Tamilnadu has many colorful temples, filled with myriads of Gods and Goddesses.
We will start in Pondicherry a former French colony. Pondicherry is a great contrast with most of the Indian cities. Close to Pondicherry is Auroville, the visionary city of Sri Aurobindo.
On the way to Pondicherry we will pass by the impressive temple complex in Villianur of Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswarar. 
Another very popular destination, also for marriage, is Thanjavur with the Brihadishwarar Temple complex.
The last also very popular destination is Madurai, which was a disappointment, because ALL the twelve Gopurams (sacred towers) of the Sri Meenakshi temple were covered in rags for 18 months. 
They were only painting one at each time, so the shopkeepers around declared them mad, because it cost them also many potential customers.
The temple complex inside is impressive and amazing with all these different God and Goddesses. 

The contrast with the reality around these temples is huge as you can see in this movie.