Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Tirupattur

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prakash manjrekar

Sri Bramhapureeshwarar Temple in Tirupattur (Perambalur district), 25 kms from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. While this is predominantly a Shiva temple, it is very closely associated with Lord Brahma, and an ancient shrine for Brahma resides within the temple complex. Regular worship of Lord Brahma is conducted here. As Brahmma worshipped Shiva here, the Lord is named Brahmmapureeswarar. Lod Brahma appears with turmeric dressing on all Thursdays. In entrance mandap , the entire Narasimha Avatara are beautifully sculpted on pillars with the Dwaja sthambam and nandi. When devotees touch the Nandi (the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva), a feeling of touching a real and live bull is experienced by them. On the Pradosha day (13th day either from New Moon or Full Moon days), the crowd is huge to have the Nandi touch and experience. The Jeeva Samadhi of Sage Patanjali can be found to the left of the Brahma Sannadhi. Goddess Brahmmanayaki/Brahma Sampath Gowri can be worshipped in a seperate sannadhi outside the main temple. A door way to the right leads to the amman temple and next door is the Pallava complex of the the twelve shiva temples including an old Kailasanathar temple and Brahma Theertham. Kailasanathar Temple has a huge 16 facetted linga. The nandi here is exquisite.