Sri Radha Kunda Clean-up Seva

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This footage was taken last 16 June 2009. As of this time, the local government here in Vraja has organized a cleanup service for Sri Radha Kunda and this will go on for many more weeks. The event is turning out to be a very blissful festival with all the Vrajvasis and many devotees from all over the world teaming up to remove the remaining mud in the Kund after all the water has been emptied. While constantly chanting, Radhe! Radhe! everyone is in bliss also smearing the sacred mud of this most holy place to one's own body and to everyone around. The last time a similar event happened was 22 years ago (in 1987) and we don't know when will be the next time. So those who can definitely come and join this rare chance should definitely not waste this golden opportunity to render seva to the most holy place of all universes