Sri Veera Narasimha Perumal Temple, Thanjavur

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Lord Vishnu takes three different forms to kill three demons on the banks of Vennar, about 5kms North of Thanjavur on the Thanjavur-Thiruvayaru/Kumbakonam Road, are three Vishnu temples next to each other that together make up one Divya Desam referred to as Thanjai Maa Mani Koil - Veera Narasimha Perumal on the Eastern side, Manikundram Perumal 100 yards to the West and Neelamega Perumal further to the West.The temple is also called as Parasara Parasara Kshetram as the Lord gave darshan to Parasara Muni and Markandeya.
Vishnu then took the form of Narasimha to kill demon Thanjaka who took the elephant form. As the Lord came in the form of ‘Yaali’(Narasimha), this place came to be called ‘Thanjai Yaali Nagar’or Thanjamapuri and later years came to known as ‘Thanjavur’. Devotees pray to Lord Veera Narasimha during Pradosha to realize their wishes. Lord Veera Narasimhar blesses the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum along with Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Inscriptions found here has reference to Sarobhoji king making significant contributions to this temple.