The missing years of Jesus!

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The unknown years of Jesus refers to the period between Jesus's childhood and the beginning of his ministry as recorded in the New Testament.[1] The term "silent years" is sometimes used as well.[2]
The phrase "lost years of Jesus" is also encountered in esoteric literature, but is not commonly used in scholarly literature since it is assumed that Jesus was probably working as a carpenter in Galilee from the age of twelve till thirty, so the years were not "lost years".[3][2][4]

In 1887 a Russian war correspondent, Nicolas Notovitch claimed that at the lamasery or monastery of Hemis in Ladakh, he learned of the "Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men." Isa is the Arabic name of Jesus in Islam. His story, with a translated text of the "Life of Saint Issa," was published in French in 1894 as La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ.[6]

Ancient scrolls reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in the Orient. From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both student and teacher.

The story of his pilgrimage from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahmanistic historians.

Today they still know him and love him and worship him as St. Issa. their 'buddha'.

Excerpts taken from article, The Lost Years of Jesus, from Heart magazine, Spring