Training Nara and Narayana for the First Time

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Nara and Narayan were rescued by ISCOWP in June 2012. Narayan (the one with the heart shape on his forehead) was ill. We nursed them both with milk supplement through milk bottles. Narayan got medicine in his bottle and through injections. At this time, Narayana is hardly coughing anymore and is just a bit smaller than Nara. In the beginning Narayana was much smaller and not growing. In September we walked them to a nearby pasture and put halters on them. Then once in a while we led them around with an attached lead rope. This video shows the first time we seriously started training. They are now almost six months old. We are amazed at how quickly they are learning and how cooperative they are in the training process. We are training them quite regularly now and they are advancing very quickly. We will have to take another video soon to show you.