Travel Guide to India (Part 1): Calcutta

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In this video travel guide to India, I begin my travels in India with Calcutta (Kolkata). India had long been on my bucket list of countries to travel to in the world, and in April, 2013, I finally made it there, starting with Calcutta, with no better reason than the fact was I knew so little about that part of the country.

Calcutta was once the capital of the British Empire in India, and today it's home to over 14 million people, which means the city itself is a crowded, dense, loud, but endlessly fascinating place to explore. In this video I explore the alleyways and grand buildings that make up B.B.D. Bagh, the area where the city was founded.

After checking out a parade (a very common occurrence I was to later learn) and grabbing a roadside cup of chai, I stop at the home of famed poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore, the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize, and whose home is a great place to learn about Calcutta's cultural history.