Truth about Prophet Mohammed and the Blackstone - Shiva linga

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Mohammed was born in the holy city of Mecca in Arbastan. Since ancient times, this city was a famous pilgrimage.
Mohammeds family name Quareshi is derived from Kuru-ishi, a sanskrit word which states its relation to Kuru Vansh.
Mecca a pilgrimage
Mecca was Hindus ancient pilgrimage. There was a famous Kaba Temple in Mecca. As explained in Quran,
this temple has existence for 4000 years prior to birth of Mohammed. According to historical evidences of Muslim,
this temple had 360 idols. The following shlok is found in Harihareshwar MahatmyaHaHarihareshwar Mahatmya.
Ekam padam gayâyâtu macâ yâtu dviteeyakam Triteeyam sthâpitam divyam muktyai shuklasya sannidhau
Meaning : Lord Vishnus foot prints are embedded in three main places in the world. Those holy places are Gaya,
Mecca and Shukla teertha.
There was a renowned Shivaling in the Kaba temple of Mecca, (Which was worshipped by King Bhoj)
holy foot prints of Lord Vishnu and total 360 idols.