Unity In Diversity - A Community Creates The Temple of The Vedic Planetarium

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“Unity in diversity” has been the motto for the community in their efforts to build up Mayapur city (West Bengal, India) and the most ambitious Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in the center of it. Part Two of the film series documenting the construction of this project points out that it is just as much selfless dedication, respect, and cooperation than bricks and marble that have been the main building blocks of the development.

Part One of the documentary film series entitled "The Cosmos out of the Rice Fields" explores the history and start-up of the project; emphasizing the importance and uniqueness of Srila Prabhupada’s personality and vision. 

Executive producer: Alfred B. Ford
Director/Producer: Dr. Krisztina Danka
Photography: Filip Cargonja, Denes Doboveczki
Aerial footage: Prananatha Das
3D visuals: Shrisha Das, Anup Shah
Sound: Stipe Kristic, Gyula Szarnyas
Editing: Szabolcs Guth
Studio: Karuna Productions (www.karunaproductions.com)
Music: BB Govinda Swami, Gaurangi Dasi, Gunagrahi Das