Varsana Parikrama 2/3 : From Chiksauli to Dana Garh

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From Sankari Khor (previous episode) we passed by Citra Sakhi's village called Chiksauli then we climbed up Brahma Parvat to go to Mor Kutir or Mayur Kutir which is another rasa mandal where Radha and Krsna danced in the form of a peacock and a peahen. Then downhill we went to Krishna Kund and went back up to another rasa mandal on top of Brahma Parvat called Mana Garh where Radhika displayed mana (jealous anger) and Krishna expertly broke it. From Mana Garh we proceeded to Dana Garh which is another beautiful rasa mandal or area of sweet pastimes on top of Brahma Parvat.