Vrindavan Darshan: Gopishwar Mahadev, Vamsivat to Sri Govindadev

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10 October 2009. Today the parikrama party went to Dhira-samir where we had darshan of Sri Gauridas Pandit's samadhi and bhajan kutir and his worshipful Deity Sri Shyam Raya. Then we proceeded to Gopishwar Mahadev Temple, After which, we went to Vamsivat, which is the famous tree under which Sri Krishna played His flute to call the gopis and therefore it has always been a place of rasa lila. Next we had darshan of Brahma Kund where Mahadev dipped and got transformed into a very beautiful gopi known as Gopishwar Mahadev. Finally we had darshan of Srila Rupa Goswami's famous Deity - Sri Govindadev. Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the temple but Govindadev was so merciful and He arranged to give a very quick darshan in this video. Just make use of the pause button if you want to extend His darshan. Or better just come here to Vrndavan and have His darshan to your heart's content.