What Is Vaastu ? By Dr Rupa Batra

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DrRupa Batra

Vaastu is a lifestyle.
A way of living harmony between man and nature.
Living according to nature is vaastu. It is based on five elements viz.
water, fire , earth ,air and space. These five elements are found in our
body and the universe. Even science accepts these five elements in nature and in our body. So vaastu is there optimum balance of five elements.
Ayurveda says that our healthy is affects if there is an imbalance in any
one of these elements for healthy life.
Vaastu is based on the magnetic fields, cosmic energy, gravitational
force, ultra violets rays & infra red rays. Vaastu is applied on, where we live and work. It may be our home, office, clinic, factory, industry, go down and other such places Vaastu includes directions, size of plot, building material, soil testing, stress point of the place, negative and positive vibrations etc