Why don't Yogis eat onion, garlic or mushrooms?

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Fruitarian Dancer

Yogic sentient diet - Which foods to eat and which to avoid for best health, a more peaceful mental state and to assist with spiritual development. A healthy diet for the body, mind and spirit does not only mean reducing meat consumption.
The ancient yogis classified foods according to their effect on the body and mind into
the categories of sentient, mutative and static foods. Understanding how and why certain
foods affect us in a positive or negative way as we develop ourselves through yogic practices will help us to progress more quickly.
Dada Devashuddhananda is a medical doctor and yogic monk who in 2005 built and now manages a holistic outpatient clinic in one of the poorest regions of India. He offers free medical services to people who suffer severe health problems and can't afford treatment.The clinic operates purely on donations to provide its charitable medical and educational services, which include a specialized treatment program for handicapped children.