Yamuna: The Stolen River

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The 6 minute documentary describes how a sacred river suddenly "disappears", and gets "replaced" by an open flow of sewage killing all living organisms in it and making millions of people sick. Despite the shocking reality, however, the blessings of the "stolen" river Goddess can already be felt by the massive cooperation of people of diverse backgrounds -- Hindus, Muslims, rich and poor, farmers and environmentalists, old and young, Indians and of foreign origin, who, putting aside all their differences and (often prejudices) towards each other, are coming to the rescue...

Produced by the Karuna Productions (www.karunaproductions.com)
Photography by SaveYamuna.org, Pond5, Getty, VideoBlocks, Bh. Filip
Edited by Szabolcs Guth
Narrated by Mark DeGasperi
Written and directed by Krisztina Danka, PhD.

For more information on the film's topic please visit www.SaveYamuna.org