Ancient Indian Mudras - Namaste & Ashirwad Mudra

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The science of Mudras a part of Yoga is based on the fundamental principles of life, the five elements namely Fire, Space, Wind, Earth and Water. Balance of these elements establishes health and imbalance causes diseases. The diet, lifestyle and stresses of life, lure body and mind away from equilibrium. This causes disturbance in the five elements, hence invite diseases.
Mudras arrest electromagnetic power emitted continuously through our finger tips and maintain equilibrium in the body elements that result in a healthy life. They are mainly performed as gestures by fingers, hand positions and also in combination with asanas. With the right positioning for prescribed periods, Mudras can rejuvenate the body, heal diseases and also help in spiritual awakening. Mudras are not only therapeutic but also prevent ailments. They are very effective.
Through this DVD Ms. Suman Chiplunkar would like to share the Knowledge & Practice of Mudras, which can prove to be of immense help to everyone.