Jhulan Yatra Bali

By Ramai Swami - 29.8 2023

Radha Krsna Jhulan Yatra (or swing festival) starts on ekadasi of the waxing moon of Sridhara month. Many temples in Vrndavana celebrate Krsna’s swing festival, some for one day, others for more days.

Traditionally, many of the Deities of the Lord wear various clothing with green over this period until Balaram Purnima. It is a wonderful service for Their pleasure.

Monsoon season is humid and the temperature is hot despite the cooling rains. With so much water coming from the sky and just about everywhere, the last thing anyone wants is more water to cool off.

The opulence at this time is to find a breeze, as the air is heavy with the humidity of rain. The devotees, to please Radha and Krishna, place Them on a swing (Jhulan) and create a soothing breeze from the motion.

I had the opportunity to attend Jhulan Yatra in Bali where some of the local devotees danced in traditional style for the pleasure of Their Lordships, Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

Written by: Ramai Swami on August 28, 2023.