Giants 4ft footprint in solid stone

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if this is real ,it explains so much... if its fake...which it could very well be...shame on
1.5 Million-year-old Footprints Discovered in Kenya

Scientists have discovered ancient 1.5 million-year-old footprints in Kenya that resemble the structure and gait of modern humans. Full story at:

Prints Show a Modern Foot in Prehumans
New York Times - February 26, 2009

Michael Cremo's Response

Scientists have recently announced the discovery in Kenya of some interesting footprints, found in layers of rock about 1.5 million years old. . Researchers describe them as anatomically modern. That is to say, the foot structure is the same as in human beings like us. But most scientists today would never even dream of suggesting that the footprints were made by humans like us. According to their understandings, humans like us did not exist 1.5 million years ago. We had not evolved yet. Most scientists now believe the first humans like us came into existence about 150,000 years ago. So the Kenya footprints are ten times too old for modern humans. So the scientists attributed the footprints to the apeman called Homo ergaster, which some scientists believe to be a kind of Homo erectus. The problem is that we do not know what the Homo erectus foot structure was really like. No one has ever found a foot skeleton of Homo erectus. So at the present moment, the only creature known to science that has a foot just like that of a modern human being is in fact a modern human being, like us. Maybe in the future someone will find a foot skeleton of Homo erectus (or Homo ergaster) that is fully modern in it's anatomy. But that has not been done yet. So if we are going to stick to the facts, to the evidence that we really have, then the most reasonable thing we can say is that the scientists in Kenya have found evidence that humans like us existed 1.5 million yeas ago. And this contradicts the current evolutionary accounts of human origins.