Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami

His Holiness Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami took his first Initiation from Srila Prabhupada on 9th July, 1974in San Francisco, by the recommendation of Srila Tamala Krsna Goswami and Vishnjana Swami. Very soon he was blessed with second initiation on 10th July, 1975in Chicagoduring Rathayatra period. He was a pujari in St. Louistemple since 1978 to 1982. He took Sannyasa on 4th August, 2001in MoscowRussiafrom His Holiness Niranjana Swami and remains under his guidance. He travels around the world serving ISKCON 8 months a year. He spends full Caturmasya period in Krsna Balarama mandir temple and Goshala underneith Tulasirani's protective shade.