Jain Group of Temples...Khajuraho

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prakash manjrekar

Khajuraho has been recognized by UNESCO as a place of world heritage on account of its magnificent temples.The temples of Khajuraho are generally divided into three groups: Western, Eastern and Southern. The Eastern group mainly consisting of Jain temples.There are total 34 Jain Temples. But from architectural point of view the Parshwanath, the Adinath and the Shantinath temples are relatively more important and noteworthy. Shri 1008 Lord Shantinath temple is the main temple with 14 ft. high colossus in the standing posture, the highest idol of all idols (deity images) of Khajuraho. According to an inscription on it, it is installed in Vikrama-Samvat 1085 (1028 AD). This temple is an assemblage of the fragmnets, pillars and images from older temples and is built around a courtyard. This temple also contains a picture-gallery, which exhibits photos of prominent Jain monuments of India. The Parshwanath temple is famous in the world as it contains some of the most excellent sculptures of Khajuraho e.g. figures of Lakshmi-Narain, Balram-Reoti, eight Dikpalas (i.e. Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirriti, Varuna, Vayu, Kuber and Isan), Ambika, Kamdev Rati, Ram-Sita along with Hanuman. This temple is also privileged to possess the best art pieces of Sura- Sundaris (Divine Nymphs) in various attractive postures.